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This is the "Bach Is Dead" discography. It was started as a labor of love by Marc Plainguet in the mid-1990s to track the various variations of the Residents' musical releases. The name comes from a song title from The Residents' "Duck Stab" release. A list of contributors is at the bottom of this page. The discography is currently maintained by the shy, retiring Paulie Kraynak.


This list was passed along to The Moles, who host this web site, in January 2001.


The Residents, besides being amazing, are an oddity, an obscurity, and subsequently an obsession to some. They have released over 30 albums in 30 years as well as a large number of singles, compilations, collaborations, etc. and many of them have rare variations for the garden variety collector.


This list is now being updated regularly as more information comes in and releases get released. Please go HERE to see some more specific criteria.


You! If you happen to find something that's not listed here, please pass along your information! There are still several innaccuracies here and there. I'm not the first guy to manage this document, and I probably won't be the last either; each guy inherits the results of the former, and no two people are alike, but I'll certainly strive for the FACTUAL. Please e-mail updates, corrections etc. to me at

In the Summer of 2009, Big Brother of initiated the "Robot Selling Device" (RSD), a download service that offers recordings by The Residents, most of which are otherwise not in print. Along with these in- and out-of-print titles, some previously unreleased titles are also being offered. Since no physical product actually exists, these downloadable releases (format code DL) would technically lie outside the scope of a traditional "discography." However, given the gravity of these otherwise-unreleased titles, these virtual releases will be listed here at Bach Is Dead for documentation purposes. Incidental "gifts" offered through, however, are fleeting offerings and will not be documented here. It should also be noted that the many other previous Residents titles now being offered at RSD will not be noted as such on the discography to avoid confusion since they are downloads, not physical releases.

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An "x" next to a line of release information indicates that it is out of print as far as we know.

A mole face icon indicates that a description and/or review is available by clicking on it.

This discography was previously compiled by Marc Plainguet, with contributions from:
Kim Andrews, Michael Arnoldt, Marcel Benen, Michael Blakley, Ulrich Bomnüter, Alexander Burghardt, Kevin Busby, Dirk de Bock, Chris Combs, Andre De Koning, Knoll Funke-Bilu, David Fulmer, Dave Furness, Jochen Graf, Arjan Henskens, Peter Knoettner, Paulie Kraynak, Tax Liaskas, Leonardo Marchionni, Guido Marcolongo, Hamish MacKenzie, Chris Meloche, Drew Miller, Wilhelm Murg, Keith Nuttall, Minos Prinarakis, Bernd Rauschenbach, James Redekop, Patski Smith, Stefan Spang, Stevo In Yr Stereo, Steve, Félix Suárez, Paul Wilson, Geir Yven, and Uncle Willie.

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