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Last updated: May 2011

The Cryptic Guide to File Sharing

Cryptic Corporation

"The first thing is to say that, any assumptions that file sharing is acceptable, without explicit permission from the artist, is completely wrong.

"The Brumailia songs were a present for those who visited the site everyday. It is not for those who didn't. It is not a gift for the world.

"Think about it, the Brumalia songs would still be on if we wished to have them shared. They should not be archived and shared.

"We plan to offer files on from time to time, but that does not mean they are intended for anyone who does not visit the site, and we will stop posting rarities if the feeling is that the offering is creating shared mp3s.

"Nothing from the Warner Bros Album has ever been released in any form, including mp3. Anyone who has anything from WB has gotten it illegally, period. No Residents files have ever been placed online as mp3s, except those for eMusic, some things for, and more recently at Any other songs are illegal mp3s.

"The Residents have not granted any rights to copy and exchange their music, although they realize that people will still do it. It is important that no one believe that The Residents are giving their permission.

"The excuse that music artists and record companies are all rich pigs doesn't hold up with 90% of the music artists and record companies. It is like saying everyone who goes to college is rich. Most people struggle to afford college. The truth is that anyone who has the technical facilities for downloading music is a rich pig even if they do it at the library.

"The excuse that music should be free is a good one because it is true. Music, like food, should be free. But you still have to pay for convenience. You can't walk out of the supermarket with a box of cereal. You have to pay because you didn't grow the grain and process the food and add sugar you made yourself and all the other things that went into putting a box of cereal in a store. Same with music. Make your own and it is free. Get someone else to make it, buy equipment, hire studios and such … and you have to pay for that convenience. Believe me, it is cheaper to buy songs than it is to make songs."

Hardy Fox (The Cryptic Corporation), January 2004.

Hardy Fox of the Cryptic Corporation

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