Buckaroo Blues (1989)

Buckaroo Blues was the starting point of the whole Cube E project. The Residents found a book of cowboy poems and songs. This was the inspiration for the original "Buckaroo Blues" which was first performed at the Boudisque (Torso) Anniversary Bash in Amsterdam on November 26th 1988. Eventually "Black Barry" and "The Baby King" would be added, but by that time UWEB members would have been listening to this for a year (lucky buggers). This version of "Buckaroo" is gentler and sounds more tinkly MIDIfied than the "Cube E" CD, plus the brilliant "From The Plains To Mexico" is missing, but it's still a strong piece. Even better, a rockin' version of "Land Of A 1000 Dances" mixed up with "Doubleshot" from the "God In Three Persons" project, and "God In Three Persons Over" (which would have been the overture to the touring show had it not been abandoned) are bonus tracks.