SATISFACTION 1976 / 1978

Okay, so The Third Reich And Roll mercilessly gunned down some beloved pop music, at least there was a slight amount of affection involved, but this?! This single is the Stones Satisfaction violated by four redneck mutants.

The song is stripped naked, tied to the back of a pick up truck at the end of a six foot rope, dragged across a large waste disposal dump strewn with broken glass before being set alight with petrol and finished off with a bullet in the head. Yep, it's that good (especially if you're a Stones non-fan like myself).

The b-side Loser = Weed is a nice example of classic period Residents with its mad syncopated synth/drum patterns, bizarre lyrics and galloping horn section. This single was re-released in 1978 with a jazzed up cover, limited amber vinyl (ah the late 70s) and in glorious stereo.