Roadworms — The Berlin Sessions (2000)

In July 1999 The Residents recorded for posterity some arrangements of the Wormwood songs they were touring at the time. The unamerican band played in real time and most songs were captured on the first take, with a few overdubs added later. The results are interesting, great songs of course, but a little patchy. Some of the tracks are mixed rather strangely, damn near ruined even. Molly's vocals on Burn Baby Burn are missing a few syllables through a badly set up noise gate for example.

One of the greatest moments for me in the Wormwood show is when the plonky, oriental sounding guitar merges with Molly's ghostly vocal and the awesome synth melodies of Hanging by his Hair. Here the genius of that moment is all but lost. When it comes right it comes right. Un-American Band kicks off this collection very nicely, the Cain and Abel arrangement is beautiful (and very camp in the true tradition of the Broadway musical!), Dinah and the Unclean Skin WILL scare your children and if you want to savor a savior there's a pretty good version of Judas Saves to salivate over.

All in all then some good stuff but overall as patchy as the so so cover art.