Residue Of The Residents (1983)

Residue Deux (1998)

The original Residue album was compiled from what The Residents refer to as their "mop tapes", a collection of already recorded but unused tracks. It certainly doesn't sound like a load of leftovers though. Classic tracks like the poppy The Sleeper, the delicate Boy In Love, the previously hard to find Whoopy Snorp and the gorgeous original version of Ups & Downs make this album a must-have. The Residue Deux CD contains most of the original album as well as the four songs from Subterranean Modern and the lovely Safety Is The Cootie Wootie. My only moan is that the weird little cartoon by Pore No Graphics which was on the back of the album has not been included in the new packaging.

A good collection of odd tracks lacking a central theme. But, iIf these are the leftovers, how come this album is so good? I like all of The Residents' compilations - the juxtaposition of unrelated tracks is refreshing and if unreleased tracks are included, so much the better. Deux is an excellent reissue of the already-excellent Residue, collecting now as it does (amongst other new additions) the two wonderful suites, The Replacement and Safety is a Cootie Wootie.