Eat Exuding Oinks!
Ralph Records' 1977 Radio Special

Another Ralph only release, here's another piece of Residential historical flummery. Originally broadcast from Houston's RAO studios in 1977 and until now only knocking around on 25 year old Ralph cassettes here it is again. Unfortunately because no master could be found this has been taken from one of those cassettes, and not a good one! There's tape warble here and there but I guess it all adds to the experience.

My 'Oinks' even has the plastic CD holder hanging off the inner cover, maybe that's deliberate too. Anyhow what we (possibly) have is a cleverly designed intentionally shoddy package containing then Ralph guy Jay Clem being interviewed by one Sid Powell, who takes an amusing dismissive view towards The Residents' music. It's the Penn Jillette syndrome all over again (only this came first). No matter that Sid sounds very much like the singing Resident, we believe it don't we boys and girls?

To make up for the shortness (and sound quality?) of 'Oinks' good quality versions of the tracks played earlier are also included which, had you never heard these gems before, would be a top treat. I'm not complaining here folks btw. We keep demanding they release these things, they need the money, they comply, we get another Residents CD no one's forcing us to buy, everybody's happy.