Petting Zoo


The main attraction for long-time fans (who will already have most, if not all, the other tracks) is obviously the inclusion of two tracks from the upcoming Demons Dance Alone album. These two, Betty's Body and Wolverines, are very similar in style and structure to the songs on the Wormwood album, which I wasn't very keen on - although that album has slowly grown on me since I first heard it (which is just as well, as four other songs on Petting Zoo are from the Wormwood project). However, it must be said that Mr. Skull demonstrates an increased vocal range on the two new tracks, which bodes well for Demons.

The other tracks chosen for this compilation are quite varied in style, more so than you might think for an album being touted as particularly ear-friendly - although it should come as no surprise that the Residents have their own idea as to what constitutes easy listening. I like Residents' compilations anyway - the juxtaposition of otherwise unrelated tracks has its own particular appeal - and this is a rather fine one. I really hope it succeeds in its aim of, by virtue of its bargain price, pulling in a whole new slew of nascent Residents fans.

A low retail "ear friendly" sampler of Residents' music released during their 30th year as recording artistes. Pretty good for confirming the high quality of their more recent albums but like the child on the cover the unsuspecting first time listener may be in for a rather nasty surprise - Would We Be Alive? Constantinople? That'll ease 'em into it...