Our Finest Flowers (1992)

A brave and, on the whole, successful attempt by the Residents at tackling highlights and points of interest from their back catalogue. Elements from a wide variety of original tracks are rearranged in new permutations to create entirely new tracks. The resulting tunes are pleasant to the ear, and it's interesting to hear how the various pieces are slotted together, releasing words and music from previous contexts, then repositioning and juxtaposing them.

The album's concept outlined in the liner notes impressed me greatly. I liked the idea that they would take their own music to pieces instead of someone elses for a change. Not only that but they managed to keep a thing like a 20th anniversary light-hearted saying that one of the Rezzies puked on the track list making it virtually unreadable - they could have taken it far too seriously. Well known tunes and melodies lyrics are mixed up with the "wrong" lyrics to totally new songs. A brilliant way to make a greatest hits album!