NOT AVAILABLE (1978 / 1974?)

The myth surrounding this recording is the icing of the cake. Underneath one will find the Residents in their most bittersweet moments. This piece of music overflows with emotions, inspiration and a passion for experimentation. Besides it's poetry for life (that's how long it'll take you to decipher the lyrics).

Supposedly recorded in 1974, as the Residents second album, but not released as it was recorded under the conditions of N. Senada's theory of obscurity. Not Available was not meant to be released until its creators had forgotten about its existance and the record lived up to its name until a fall out with their record company resulted in The Residents vanishing to London with the tapes of their forthcoming Eskimo album. Ralph Records decided to release this album instead, convieniently getting both themselves and The Residents off the hook.

Not Available is meant to be an opera, but don't try and work out the story line, for that way madness lies. Strange, considering the time it was supposed to have been made, that this sounds nothing like the primitive Meet The Residents album or Swastikas on Parade and far more like, say, Fingerprince which was recording on an 8-track machine. Hmm.. could it be that the whole thing was a Ralph / Rez scam? The work that went into the strange vocal harmonies must have been considerable, and the result is strange and haunting.

For me, this album says everything about The Residents. Their music can be warm, baffling, simple, sad, stirring, even beautiful - and let's not forget strange. This album has all of that, and more. Completely compelling, it calls you back to explore and investigate again and again. And every time, when you get there, it's just as mysterious as last time. I have not the slightest idea what this wonderful album is about, but I love it to death.