The Mole Show — Live in Holland (1983)

Arguably, the only way to listen to Mark of the Mole; the anaemic studio work benefits greatly from a live reinterpretation. This is big and bouncy.

Though I'd heard some of these tracks on the Pal TV compilation, I wasn't expecting that much of it. I was presently surprised. I'd forgotten how great that show was. Emulators producing hideous grating metallic sounds, alien voices and those fucking moles everywhere.

Great to hear once again the humourous/bewildered/angry/psychotic ramblings of the show's hapless narrator Penn Jilette (of the now famous Penn and Teller). He's the heart inside the art and just listen to what they do to the poor bastard!

This very acceptable live recording of Mole Show is marred only by the removal (for whatever reason) of Penn's "moles having sex" gag.