This is supposed to be the full Tokyo show - it isn't. Ok, maybe it wasn't financially viable to release another double album that, let's face it, isn't going to sell that well. So all but one of the Big bubble tracks are missing and so are the groovy encores. What you do get though is probably the best, most atmospheric recording made during this terrific tour. I can't fault it, and I urge any fan to add it to their collection as soon as possible. This contains the spookiest version of Theme from an American TV Show, with Snakefinger's sustained feedback guitar summoning up skeltal ghosts of injun warriors flying across dark plains.

I am so grateful for this release. This proved to be the key which 'unlocked' the 13th Anniversary material for me. I had previously felt distanced from, and unable to enjoy, the music largely because of the combined sparseness of the arrangements, and the 'thinness' of the sound. I was able to listen to it, but not to really engage with it - it was like hearing a dry documentary about the music rather than the music itself. Live in Tokyo really sees the songs come alive, strong and vital. It's greatly enhanced my pleasure and appreciation of the European and USA versions.