… features music that was played before, after and during the intermission of the Mole Show. This record is one of the nearest things to perfection I have witnessed in my lifetime. Preferrably grab the vinyl version as you will also get the best cover art at the same time. The cover just wraps up the whole thing, literally and metaphorically. I love the way the toothpicks (?) cleverly disguise the faces.

The music is the most sophisticated, calculated, wildly innovative, off-the-wall, atmospheric and intimate record they ever did. It plays inside your head and doesn't appear to come from loudspeakers at all. The sound sources used are inspired and unexpected. The textures are hostile and comforting at the same time. And it sounds almost alien in origin, yet strangely familiar and comforting.

Unconventional sounds have been used to produce something highly listenable and accessible. It's this aspect of the Residents' work that makes them so good. It's where Experimental music transcends experimental, because it was successful. The only critcism I have is that it is too short.