IN BETWEEN SCREAMS — Intermission music from The Residents' Wormwood (1999)

I bought a copy of this at the UK Wormwood gig. Very odd indeed. In fact, most of it is hardly Residential at all. What it is is some very cool laid back trip/hip-hoppish beats and textures, overlaid, quite haphazardly at times, by some very old-sounding gospel records. The result is interesting if a little underwhelming.

It goes on for over twenty minutes and then towards the end, tantalisingly, it gets all Residents go acid house with a killer riff and change of key bit which only lasts a few bars before the soundtrack of the Hollywood religious epic The Greatest Story Ever Told takes over in the mix. Or is it King Of Kings? I know one of these films is ruined by John Wayne turning up as a Roman centurian right at the end and drawling "he was truly the son of God".

Notable also for being a CD-R, individually ran off by members of the Cryptic Corporation (I don't think). Cheeky, as it cost £8. Still, you gotta finance a tour somehow. Though this mood music was designed specifically to be played during the break in Wormwood (though I hardly heard any of it as I was queuing to get into a filthy overcrowded toilet at the time), it's not in the same league as the 1983 masterpiece Intermission.