Icky Flic Original Soundtrack - Click for larger image

This is a collection of some of the new versions of classic Residents songs the band produced for the Icky Flix DVD alternative 5:1 surround soundtrack. Unfortunately, great tracks like This is a Man's Man's Man's World (Molly Harvey vocals) Moisture, Constantinople etc are not present here (double album?!) but the wonderful new music for the new Vileness Fats edit is. There are some pleasant surprises like the cover version of Renaldo and the Loaf's Songs For Swinging Larvae and a whole new take on the former We Are The World cover from Disfigured Night; great lyrics as Mr Skull bears his twisted soul. It is hard to get used to new versions of Residential classics and though one may still in some cases prefer the originals, the new music never fails to be interesting and well conceived.