Duck Stab /
Buster and Glen (1978)

Almost all the tracks on this could sit quite happily on a greatest hits album. This is sharp, bright, loud, funny, scary, colourful. Crackling with electrical energy, this sees The Residents at the peak of this particular part of their game plan. Short, sharp songs; the sense of confidence is palpable.

Originally an EP called Duck Stab, a poor quality pressing, even for Ralph Records. It became an album when coupled with "Buster And Glen", another would-be EP of similar length. Still one of the most accessible Residents albums and definitely one of the best. The range of styles is stunning. From the surreal insanity of Constantinople, Lizard Lady and The Electrocutioner, the subdued underwater sounds of Blue Rosebuds, Sinister Exaggerator and Weight Lifting Lulu to the martian pop music of Semolina and The Booker Tease, this is 34 minutes, 36 seconds of musical genius.

The tunes are both weird and wonderful, and at the same time conventional. You can't actually spot a normal instrument at first glance because they are played in unconventional ways. Take Sinister Exaggerator for example: it really is just an ordinary electric guitar!