Most of these tracks first saw the light of day as free monthly mp3s. Many fans became rabid for these never-before-released beauties, logging in and out of the Ralph America website just minutes into the first day of each month. So, apart from the wonderful live version of Walter Westinghouse (recorded at The Fillmore in '98), what is there here to entice someone who got these down the phone line? Well, has taught me a lesson in sound reproduction. Most mp3s knocking around are 44.1 frequency with a bitrate of 128. Though this is pretty good the sound definitely does not have the full warmth and depth (yes vinyl freaks, we're talking about CDs here) of a really well mastered compact disc. As soon as I put on the Sour Song instrumental I was glad I'd shelled out for this one. Bitrates aside the tracklist is stupendous. Nineteen-Ninety-Nine is, ahem, "inspired" by Prince and is hilariously wonderful. The vocals sound like they're coming by auto suggestion in the grip of a delirium. Ninth Rain is a fabulous, moody little instrumental knocked out on/for a rainy day. Wanda comes from the Prague Freak Show in 1995 and it's interesting to hear a Czech orchestra performing a pretty nifty arrangement (more please!). The Conceiving Ada film music is melodically dramatic while Paint It Black is yet another brilliant Residents interpretation - quietly awesome. Hunters is an alternative version of the theme created for a Discovery Channel series. Eskimo Opera and I Murdered Mommy were both written for presentations of projects which never came to fruition. I Hear Ya Got Religion is an amazing gem from 1969 and (I think) is the earliest Residents recording released to date, a must for any hardcore fan. While the final track is available on the almost-out-of-stock Refused CD, the Santa Dog for Gamelan Orchestra isn't and you need to hear it now! I wish the fantastic Matchmaker track could have been included here but as it's currently available on a charity CD I can understand why it hasn't been. Buy or die (again!)