DISKOMO 2000 (2000)

Vinnie loves The Residents, but he's also an honest injun, and has to say "hmmph" to the two year 2000 tracks. Maybe it's because the original Diskomo sounds so fresh, bouncy and damn near like it was made last week. Maybe it's because I like my dance music and I like my Residents and this falls uncomfortably in the middle with great melodies fighting against a rather dull set of generic tech-dance sounds pleasing no one. I really tried.. but I just can't love it. Likewise the new Twinkle gets nifty here and there but is dumped on by a horrible straight-off-a-Casio synth sound. The 1992 version of Diskomo (where the hell did this appear from?!) is quite interesting though. It sounds like a collision between Diskomo and Massive Attack's Karmacoma and is well worth a spin (tantalisingly short as it is).