Cube-E: The History of American Music, in 3 E-Z Pieces (1990)

One of The Resident's greatest achievements documented right here. And what are the 3 movements that represent America's musical history? Old cowboy tunes (white America), blues/gospel (black America) and Elvis (rock 'n' roll, the synthesis of the two). There are some awesome moments, From The Plains To Mexico, The Trail Dance and What Am I Gonna Do/Organism are evocative and moving. Fourty-Four/Engine 44 is classic Residents and the Elvis set is brilliantly absurd. The climax of the whole show (after Elvis's death by samples) is a track called Out which seamlessly transforms Hound Dog into She Loves You symbolising the all-conquering British pop invasion of the sixties. And as the crowd goes wild those who missed the show, like myself, can only weep.

A brilliant show, a brilliant album, but it's always the same with the Residents' live recordings: the music is only half the fun. I'm really missing the visuals!

The three E-Z pieces are each excellent in their own way and, although it took me longer to really appreciate the Black Barry segment, all the suites have their own particular highlights, and I now like them equally (although I do have a real soft spot for What am I gonna do/Organism). I have the Torso CD which, though nicely designed with some good concert photos, is rather hissy to listen to in places - I don't know if remastering will help with this.