The Census Taker (1985)

The soundtrack to a straight-to-video low budget horror film directed by Bruce R. Cook. As The Residents were given very little time to work on the project, some of the music is remixed from the "Commercial Album" and "Intermission". Several tracks are pretty good. "Where Is She" and "Passing The Bottle" were both performed on the 13th Anniversary tour. "Hell No" is unusually commercial and "Innocence Decayed" is a powerful instrumental. A selection from the album (happily all the stuff written especially for the film) can be found on the Torso "Vileness Fats" CD though Ralph hasn't yet gotten round to releasing the whole thing.

A mixture of good and not so good off-cuts and one-offs put together for a soundtrack. More like a Residue than a Soundtrack. Being a Residents' fan isn't easy when stuff like this comes along.