The Big Bubble (1985)

Part 4 of the Mark of the Mole trilogy? Arguably, it should never have got that far. It couldn't possibly get any uglier than this one! A strange record with little highlights; mostly unnerving.

I admit, I was fooled. I got the album one Christmas and thought "Jesus! they've shown themselves!" I mean, that face, I had imagined the singing Rez might look like that, it would explain the anonymity. But then I looked at a video which had Penn talking to an interviewer while the eyeballs stood behind, and I could tell by the wrists that all of them were white guys. Apparently the "band" on the cover are actors hired by The Residents to portray the members of the Big Bubble, a band existing several decades after the Mole-Chub war. Yes it's the Mole trilogy again and this is part four! Some of The Big Bubble's songs, like Cry For The Fire, are sung in the outlawed "Mohelmot" language. And what does this language sound like? Well, this is one of those records that tends to cause a split among Rez fans between those that love it and those that just can't get into it. Lots of accapella gurgling, screaming, crying, laughing and other quite indescribable noises from the singing Resident. Very basic instrumentation (this is a garage band after all). Where do I stand on it? Well... hey I just had a thought! What if those guys on the cover really are The Residents pretending to be someone pretending to be The Residents? That geek IS the singer, I knew it!