13th Anniversary Show
Live in Holland (1986)

All very confusing. This is the general release live CD of the 13th Anniversary Show. There's also a vinyl version with less tracks and recorded in Japan called "The 13th Anniversary Show" (on Torso) and a Japanese vinyl version of this called "The Eyeball Show" (on Wave with a nicer cover and lyrics sheet ). In 1999 the "full" (it isn't) Japan show got released on CD by Bomba ESD. To complicate matters there is also an excellent UWEB CD of a Minneapolis performance, "The 13th Anniversary Show Live In The USA", though this is almost impossible to get hold of nowadays. The Torso CD, at least, is better than the vinyl releases (with the exception of "Man's World"). Anyway, this is the show the fans wanted and got. Great tracks, great performances and Snakefinger giving it loads. His "Picnic In The Jungle" makes an appearance as does "Monkey And Bunny" from the Renaldo collaboration. "This Is A Man's Man's Man's World" is far better than the rather subdued single release and even the "Big Bubble" tracks work well (heh heh).